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Virtue of HeavenEarth Clinic

An Institute for the Preservation and Excellence of the Tradition of
Taoist Acupuncture
Advanced Study & Clinical Training to reach the Root of Life

The Virtue of HeavenEarth Clinical Intensive comes to Montpelier three times a year for the training of practitioners as well as the treatment of patients. The practitioners who gather range from students and practitioners in their first years of practice to senior acupuncturists. The patients who come to the clinic often have difficult-to-treat or seemingly non-responsive conditions.

The Intensives are a clinical training program of The Unseen Hand: Medicine from Antiquity, a nonprofit organization built to house and teach an ancient alchemical tradition of light, the Songs of Creation. 

Laura Clark Stelmok is the President and Program Director of The Unseen Hand and runs the Clinical Intensives where she trains practitioners in traditional skills of diagnosis and treatment. Diagnostic skills focus on the ability to accurately and deeply diagnose the causative factor of disease (CF) using the four primary means of CF diagnosis: Color, Sound, Odor and Emotion (CSOE). Treatment skills include treatment planning, point location, pulse reading, spirits of the points and working with the Seasons and Times of Day. A special focus is put on the capacity for intimacy between physician and patient, as this is the only means by which the spirits can be reached and followed. Emphasis is placed on the practitioner’s ability to reach the patient.

Clinical Intensives are for practitioners who need assistance with individual patients as well as specific skill gathering for deepening their practice. These days also provide a structure for training in practice management and the ethics of medicine.

Taoist Five Element Acupuncture, as a tradition, has
been nurtured and grown through the centuries in the living relationships between teachers and students.
Hands following Hands. Laura emphasizes the use of
the Chinese medical classics in the training of her
students. The classics come alive in the disciplines
of treatment planning and execution. 

Clinical Intensives are for the hands-on training of practitioners through the oral transmission of this tradition. They are a place for deep care for patients.

Deborah has been studying with Laura and has been a senior acupuncturist at Clinical Intensives since 2010.


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